Quick summary: ADDALL XR is a brain booster supplement comprising of B Vitamins, caffeine, and GABA. It is positioned as a high focus supplement, as a natural ADHD supplement to achieve high level awareness of the steps required to accomplish your goal. However, the expensive price per serving and the sub-par ingredient list make Addall XR a mediocre brain supplement. In our opinion, Mind Lab Pro and Brain Pill are currently the best over the counter cognitive enhancement supplements/Adderall alternatives in the market.


ADDALL XR is a brain enhancement product which is supposed to be an Adderall alternative that does not need a prescription. This nootropic product would work for students, workers, or anyone trying to get a long-time focus when conducting a job. In this article, we take a look at the genuine Addall XR reviews and scientific studies on this supplement’s key ingredients to help you to make educated judgements based on facts.

As a nootropic supplement, it is designed to hold, prolong the focus length & enhance focusing ability of people. Because of that, some people are also interested in this product as substitute for Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) prescription medications. If ADD/ADHD prescription drugs provide side effects, this can be one of your go-to products for OTC Adderall & ADHD supplements.


Thiamine – Vitamin B1 or so-called Thiamine helps to process the fuel of the brain which is the glucose. B1 can be seen in soybeans, whole-wheat bread, sunflower seeds and green peas. Deficiency of Thiamine may result to poor memory, irritation and fatigue or other cognitive deficiency and encephalopathy. The worst things that could happen to a person who lacks Vitamin B1 are memory loss and eye problems. Some studies have been documented in the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences. More research is still being carried out on benefits of thiamine for the brain.

Riboflavin – Riboflavin is a water-soluble vitamin B. The protein coenzymes of vitamin B, the FMN, and FAD are crucial for cellular enzymatic. Additionally, they reinstate thyroid hormones and are vital for fatty acid formation.

Vitamin B6 – Vitamin B6 or Pyridoxine is present in fish, soybeans, sunflower seed and spinach. It helps in producing neurotransmitters also known as the brain messengers. Lack of this type of Vitamin B may cause depression and mental confusion. However, The Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews found no remarkable effect of supplements when it studied the importance of vitamin B6 on a person’s mood.

GABA – This ingredient may help reduces stress, relieves depression and anxiety, and lowers blood pressure, according to a clinical study published by the National Institute of Mental Health. It might also aid in improved sleep and calm anxiety & hyperactivity.

Caffeine – Hitting just the right amount of caffeine can enhance your focus levels, improve your performance level, make you more alert than usual. Some people suffering from ADHD find some relief after using caffeine.

Bacopa Monnieri – Bacopa Monnieri is a small, Indian herb with light purple flowers. It has long been used in Ayurveda, the traditional Indian medicine system. It is known for its memory boosting ability and its ability to lower risks for certain disorders like cancer, Alzheimer’s, and ulcers. Bacopa, basically, has the ability to produce positive results in cognition thanks to enhancement of transmission of nerve impulses. This is due to the triterpenoid saponins which contain two kinds of bacosides, namely bacosides A and B. These bacosides proficiently repair damaged neurons, enhance kinase activity and neuron production, and enhance synaptic activity. This, consequently, gives rise to better brain functioning, boosted memory, and sustained focus. This causes it to be very helpful in cases of ADHD as it deals with issues with attention and learning new tasks.

Are There Any Side Effects To Addall XR?

Looking at the ingredients list, it’s probably not going to have any side effects but then again, we can’t tell the exact breakdown of the ingredients in the proprietary blend. Anyway, the side effects will definitely be less than Adderall. So, unless you are looking specifically to get Adderall prescribed, you might not need to worry about side effects.

The FDA requires the constituents to be listed in order of quantity and so we know that caffeine is the primary ingredient in the blend. But the exact quantity is unknown. Some people might experience restlessness, dizziness, increased heart rate with caffeine.

GABA in Addall XR has some regularly reported side effects, like an upset stomach, headache, and sleepiness, but these are short-lived and should stop after you have stopped taking the supplement.


Addall XR is pretty costly, and to buy a 3-pack of two capsules is going to set you back a whopping $26.97.

That means a cost of $4.50 per capsule. Comparing that to some other nootropic, smart pills in the market do sell for around $1 per capsule.

You can save some money by investing in more packs like the 6, 12, or 24 packs, but the price saving is quite low ($3.82 per capsule for the 24-pack bundle).

Pros Of Addall XR?

  • Decent ingredients profile
  • It may function to enhance users’ moods.
  • It may also help people with restlessness at night and insomnia.
  • Users may experience calm feelings and decreased hyperactivity
  • Some user reviews are positive

Cons Of Addall XR?

  • Uses a proprietary blend
  • Expensive
  • Its claim for prolonging the focus appears to be an exaggeration.
  • It may have side effects.

How to take Addall XR

Addall XR can be taken in your desired time, as needed. There is no strong suggestions on how to use the supplement; the choice has been left to the user. Avoid consuming the supplement at night, since it contains caffeine and might disturb the sleep. Otherwise, you can take the supplement whenever you need to do high focus task.

Addall XR alternatives

You can get similar products containing Bacopa Monnieri, GABA etc. ingredients commonly found in nootropic products. We recommend you check Mind Lab Pro and Brain Pill, which have better ingredients profile than Addall XR.

Addall XR Positive User reviews

  • “I use to take adderall regularly but I hated the comedown that it gave me. I’ve been taking Addall consistently for the past month whenever I need it and I love it! No shakes, no come down and no feeling sad. The concentration I get when using it is amazing too!”
  • SO naturally when I read that this is “as close as it gets to the real thing” I was VERY skeptical.  I took two right out of the pack to see what the big deal is. I personally have a high tolerance to caffeine, stimulant, etc. so I just took two. After about half an hour I felt that dopamine surge that I got with using medications. I’m pleasantly surprised by the fact that its really not overwhelming like with meds. Ive taken various 10, 15, and even 20 mg doses of medications before and even at lower ones I’ve been like “whoa”. But with these its much more subtle, but you still feel it. So far I haven’t experienced the GI problems mentioned before. For now I’m going to chalk it up to differences among people’s anatomy, physiology, and sensitivity to certain compounds/formulations. The negative feedback virtually turned me off from buying the pills but overall I’m happy. I’ll echo what others have said, there are not jitters, no heart palpitations or anxiety. I just felt a smooth flow when the effects kicked in. Happy to say that I will be getting this again in the future. This is a pretty solid asset in my productivity arsenal!

Addall XR Negative user reviews

  • Made me feel sick and kinda just blah. Tired even. Didn’t finish the pack I bought, through them out after 4 days.
  • So the first time I took it I was like “YOOO IM GEEKED” but by day 3 it was just making me nauseous and angry. Super angry. Like rage mode at everyone. Emphasis on nauseous. And I know my way around a stim believe you me, but this stuff is probably poison.


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